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6th Annual Love Your Body Event

At the Love Your Body Event, professionals in the industry and consumers gathered to build a connection between health and beauty using a holistic approach focusing on inner health and wellness. The event hosted celebrities, social media influencers, runway shows, fans, and brands to celebrate, “All Things Beauty Inside and Out!” A shopping event in Los Angeles with a celebrity fashion show, and dessert party. At this fashion show, show all women and children of shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds are invited and accepted to walk the runway. Our purpose is to celebrate and empower women and girls. Safe Passage featured two of our very own clients at the fashion show, Francesca Esker and Laila Amou.

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"Love Your Body With Karen Michelle LA"

I was asked to speak at Love Your Body day with Karen Michelle LA on Sunday at the LUXE Sunset BLVD Hotel! Karen Michelle is a super cool boutique in Los Angeles that caters to all sizes, so you can pretty much walk in that store and know you’re going to be able to find something that makes you look and feel fabulous. Since I take social media off on Sunday, I wasn’t on my phone the whole day, which was refreshing because I was feeling like I needed a break. I have times where I feel like I can easily sit on my phone for hours a day, and on other days, I get overwhelmed and stressed with my phone. It’s an interesting feeling to be working and not posting tons of live content, because that’s what I’m so used to doing during the week. I had to remind myself yesterday that being off of my phone doesn’t mean that I’m not still actively doing something: I’m just living in the moment!

I was one of three speakers for the event, and I was in great company! Shea Vaughn, who is Vince Vaughn’s mom, spoke prior to me, and an inspiring eating recovery specialist spoke after me. I don’t always get to speak to my target demographic (which is primarily parents and young adults) so I was thrilled to finally speak to an audience that can relate to what I speak on. Each speaker was only given 3-4 minutes to speak, so I briefly touched on my nonprofit, M.I.N.T., and the concept behind my blog. Many people don’t know that I come from a small, sheltered town in Eastern, CT, and I initially wanted to be a model because I thought that was the only way I’d be successful. Once I stopped modeling at age 16, and decided to pursue my blog (because I didn’t know what else I’d do) I found myself recovering from my body image issues, and truly finding peace with myself and my mission to inspire teens across the globe.The moral of that story is that you may follow your dreams and end up going in a different direction that will lead you to your ultimate destiny. Life is all about experimenting and finding your true passion.



LYB Events, Love Your Body Event, Events for Women, Events in Los Angeles. Womens Expo, beautycon

"Karen Michelle's Annual "Love Your Body Event"

This year, Karen Michelle knocked it out of the park with her 6th Annual Love Your Body Event!

The fabulous ballroom of the Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel in Los Angeles came to life with over 1000 attendees. The venue was buzzing with a fabulous array of vendors and enthusiastic shoppers all waiting for the Grand Red Carpet. Kiana Lyz Rivera - 2019 Miss San Diego Plus america spearheaded the LYB Event Social Media Takeover on Instagram posting live feed and stories, interviewing models, celebrity arrivals, vendors, designers and guest throughout the event and the fabulous Melody Trice of the Melody Trice Show ran all Red Carpet interviews, streaming live onto the   LYB Events Facebook Page. 

The finale runway fashion show hosted over 136 models ranged from ages 3 - 67 all sizes, shapes and ethnicities, wearing clothing from over 14 new designers and two amazing charities attached, Safe Passages & Artists for Trauma. What's next on deck with Karen Michelle event? Summer  season LYB is in the works along with talks about bringing the event to the East Coast, the big apple, NYC!  

LYB Events, Love Your Body Event, Events for Women, Events in Los Angeles. Womens Expo, beautycon

"Honored to have co-hosted the Love Your Body Event!"

I had the distinct honor of co-hosting the lovely and amazing “Karen Michelle’s 6th Annual Love Your Body Fashion Show and Shopping Event this Sunday, November 4th at the super swanky Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel at 11461 Sunset Boulevard in fancy schmancy Brentwood with Karen herself. 

Love Your Body (LYB) is all about body positivity and after years of being in fields where I’m on-camera and appearance is everything, it’s so refreshing to be a part of an event like this. 

Karen Michelle is a noted fashion designer and retailer on fashionable Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles that caters to women and girls of all sizes and shapes. She felt the desire to enable women and girls of all sizes and shapes to feel beautiful inside and out and decided what better way than to let them all walk a runway. She came up with the concept of her “Love Your Body” event 6 years ago and went out on a mission to make her dream event and fashion show into a reality.Over the years, Karen has grown her “LYB” event from 100 attendees to well over 1000 with countless celebrities in attendance walking her red carpet and even making appearances in her runway shows. 

Karen chooses a very special charity to involve for each and every event. Karen takes great pride in being able to give back to the community and continues to do so in her own whimsical and eclectic fashion creations catering to modern, modest women and girls around the world. She also has a popular line called Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle that she created that has been featured on the Ellen Show, The Hallmark Channel and many other media outlets. 

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